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The house is from the 60's, with a garden for Mariana, the pitbull which completes the family. In the basement we have from the latest technologies (iPads, iPhones, LED cubes), to clamping sets, everything neatly kept, or wasn't Carlos obsessed with organizing. He is the strongest man on the field, with him on the street nothing fails. But as no perfection exists, Jorge comes around and creates his piles of useful mess in the back room, which hasn't been tidied up since we moved. He is the typical genius who at the age of 26 was already teaching at CDA Analogic (MIT, Boston), with a brilliant mind and sense of humour. But to meet him we must wait for nightfall. This way, the impossible happens: they are available 24/7.

At the top of the sunlit stairway we have the hall, usually uninhabited. People say that there lives a ghost with long hair, a wondering spirit of excellence that haunts everyone that dare disrespect the boss. The clients guarantee he exists and the truth is the work requests keep coming in. Things out of this world...

At the end of the corridor we have the only room facing east, inhabited by Ana. Dedicated student with a degree, specialization and MBA, but it's in the field where she thrives. Argues a lot with the ghost. She wants a tougher management and he defends the dream. He is the visionary, the soul of the house. They rarely agree with each other, but live in perfect harmony.

The top floor is for the visitors and clients, with a solarium facing west and a great view of the city. Many go there to take in the view, play with Mariana or just for a cup of coffee.

This family only takes special projects so it can be less competitive in simple actions. The standing of the company is a clear focus in innovation. The teams work with the most recent technology, properly studied and programmed by the best. With controlled results by the second, we have constant adaptation and communication between the field and the office. The result: high performance resulting from smart investments.

This is the Could be Love family, that is as much schizophrenic as healthy. Everyone is filled with angles, but make a perfect circle. Come and be a part of it.